HomeStyle Foods, LLC is a leading producer of sausage products. We provide an array of products: premium smoked pork sausages, fully cooked turkey sausage pattie, and Chicken Sausage links. When you think of Home Style, think of the rich southern tradition of cooking and eating uniquely seasoned, sometimes spicy dishes, cooked the old-fashioned way.

Southern Style cooking transcends ethnic and racial lines. It is a cultural style of cooking. It is cooking vegetables with seasoned, smoked sausage and meats to add flavor, or as the spicy featured meat for outdoor and indoor grilling for the main entree. Southern Style cooking is the rich flavor of the foods. We have captured the essence of Southern Style cooking, which started for many of our families back in the old, wood smokehouses for the preparation and curing of meats.

Our products have been successful for many reasons. One is our ability to appeal to a main stream customer base, which enjoys the flavors of Southern Style cooking and not just to a “niche” market.

Another important reason for our success has nothing to do with ethnicity, or culture. It has everything to do with our attention to detail and unrelenting obsession with superior quality. It is our uncompromising decision to stay true to the original way sausage is suppose to be made. We prepare our sausage the same way our grandparents used to make it a long time ago. Our superior quality comes from the unique way we season and smoke our products. Our smoked sausage is still prepared in wood burning smoke houses, instead of being sprayed with artificial liquid smoke.

We have been able to outclass our competition by not conforming to their philosophy of “Cheaper is Better.” We do not add water or other fillers to our products to reduce the amount of meat in our products. We will also carry our standard of quality to the new products that we add to our product line.

– Len Parks, Chief Executive Officer