Black Enterprise Magazine

We are excited to announce that the company is being featured in the December 2010, issue of Black Enterprise, page 80.

The article is titled “Tapping the Global Markets”, by Alan Hughes. The article is discussing Home Style Foods’ expansion of its business into the country of Brazil.

HomeStyle Foods’ Export Tenacity

(an excerpt from

Home Style’s tenacity has led to some important breakthroughs, however. Martin says that one of the keys to the company’s good relationship with its potential Brazilian partner was actually making the trip to Brazil for a one-on-one meeting.

“We translated all of our documentation into Portuguese,” he notes. “We walked into the room and presented this to the prospective client, and he was very, very impressed that, first of all, we had incurred the expense and made the trip. Secondly, that we had gone ahead and translated our material into Portuguese. From his point of view, it showed that we had a willingness to work.”

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